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Team Organic or Team Skeptic?


Once a major skeptic, I am recently curious about the world of organic foods. I laughed so hard when my mom said, “the whole organic thing was blown out of proportion.”  She believes that while some foods benefit from being organic, in other cases it is just not worth the added price. She is right! Some foods really do not have less nutrition or have pesticides that will affect its quality. If you have ever met my mom you know she is one of the most resourceful, practical, level-headed persons you will ever meet.

Mom’s practical approach to organic foods:

If you are not eating the peel, then don’t bother getting organic.  If you have to buy fruits or vegetables that are not organic, you can rinse with Veggie Wash to remove wax, pesticides, agricultural chemicals and soil.  Focus your grocery funds to the organic meats.

So I went to a friend who I consider a very reliable source on organics and sustainable living.  My friend, Liz*, pointed me here: EWG’s Food News: Full List (Printer friendly version)

Here is Liz’s practical approach to organics:

“…if it has a peel that we’re not eating, I typically don’t buy organic. [From the] list that ranks fruits and veggies based on their pesticide residue…I try to buy the top 15 organic. I also try to buy my Thinkliz.commeat, eggs and dairy organic just because pesticide/weird hormone contamination concentrates the higher up the food chain it gets.”

Unbelievable– SO SIMILAR! …so I have adopted these ladies views on organics.

Kim Z., a Pediatric nurse and mom in Dallas, TX made a comment to me saying that there is something to be said about hormones injected in our chicken and teens approaching puberty at a younger age than previous generations.

Leah Schnitman, a Trauma nurse in Austin, TX commented saying that word from the neonatal trauma unit is that it is not talked about much, but that it is surprising how rampant defective births are –currently, they are linking it to pesticides from unwashed raw fruits and vegetables.

I think the important principle to hold to is, be conscientious about your food (and your budget).  If I buy canned goods they often are organic but that is because I am looking at sodium count (there’s the fitness mentality kicking in).   Organic canned goods sometimes have less sodium than their non-organic counterparts, but sometimes budget wins over sodium.  I am new to the world of organics, so bear with me as I explore.

Printer friendly Pesticide Residue List 🙂 I keep a copy of this list by my magnetic grocery list so I can star items as I jot them down (until I have it memorized anyway ^_^). Thank you Liz!

EWG’s The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

*thinkliz.com is chock-full of recipes and blogs of sewing, LIFE, sustainable living and anything else that crosses her path, plus great photographic documentation :).  Check it out!


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Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Super easy. Almost the only way my husband will eat asparagus. I went easy on the olive oil.
Optional: After baking, sprinkle a bit of Asiago cheese or freshly grated Parmesan.

The recipe I used

10 Days of Veggies

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