My Roots and Reason

Oh Faith, what are you up to now…

My name is Faith Keith.  I love to cook and I loooove fitness.  I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet and he inspires me to love life.  My hankering for cooking began with my mother – growing up she joyfully cooked 3 meals a day for my siblings and I (and dad) without ever a grumble or complaint.  So, because of my mom, from the get-go I never thought of cooking as a chore.  This blog was inspired by my grandmother, who is a fantastic cook as well.  She is always encouraging me to reach my potential and have fun doing it!

I am determined to put a stop to the lackluster monotonous dinners at my home.  Life is busy and we can’t possibly expect to create exquisite meals every night, but what fun to shake things up a bit with a spectacular (possibly daring) spread.

Additionally, I can’t help but post a few blurbs about my fitness trek. ^_^

Cheers and bon appetit!

You can follow me on twitter! But I mostly talk about health and fitness 🙂 @theFaithKeith

4 responses to “My Roots and Reason

  1. weng

    hey… just read your blog… will follow you here… love cooking too… 🙂


  2. Nathan

    I can attest: You are a WONDERFUL cook!!!!!! Never a dull meal!

  3. This is an incredible recipe blog! I look forward to making one of these recipes soon. I will definitely try to send friends over to your blog.

  4. Kathy

    Faith, I think your blog is awesome, in all areas. If I can aspire to be better at anything, being a better cook is one!


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