Canadian Stew Remix

Tosca Reno Canadian Stew - crockpot remix

Tuesday night is often a crock pot night because I have Bible study, so my time between work and leaving again is short.  I decided to try Tosca Reno’s Canadian stew (which I’ve made before) in the crock pot!

I sauted the meat according to the recipe first, then threw all the ingredients together in the crock.


  • I did not include the beer as in her original recipe
  • I added Kikkoman soy sauce

My family ate this in many ways! Some over Jasmine rice, some as a stew, and some sopped it up between dark sweet rolls.

Here is the original recipe – it’s delicious: Eat Clean, Canadian Stew



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3 responses to “Canadian Stew Remix

  1. JessicaP

    Nice Faith I’ve been thinking about that recipe but wanted to crock pot it. Glad to know it came out well. I think I know what’s for supper!

  2. Yes, the flavors were perfectly powerful – the veggies were a bit softer than the stove top version, but it was perfect for the mixed crowd – everyone ate it differently. Let me know if you put your own spin on it! I’m thinking I may do this for the next potluck at church 🙂

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