Dry White Wine

When a recipe calls for dry white wine, what do you normally use?

I have been cooking with cooking wines for years and occasionally with the real deal, but until faced with French cooking, I never bothered to question the difference. Welp, apparently my trusty cooking wines are quite frowned upon in the world of chefs, ha!

I stumbled upon this site chowhound.chow.com and found suggestions and recommendations from fellow cooking lovers.

Dry White Wine Suggestions:
Dry Vermouth, Noilly Pratt
Sauvignon Blanc
Chenin Blanc
Dry Champagne
Pinot Grigio

Too Sweet to use:
Cooking wines

New to using REAL wine while cooking, I welcome comments from your personal experiences! Have you had better success with a particular white wine?

I am still suffering from a broken tailbone, so now I just need to call on a willing friend to bring me a bottle for my next recipe attempt tonight.

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