Outward Appearances: a note on presentation

If your food LOOKS good, people will be more apt to eating it, am I right?!

There was this one [particular] time I wanted to experiment [among the many other days that I am experimenting]. I wanted to marinate my chicken in a red wine and serve it over pasta.  I cubed the chicken and marinated it overnight.  the next day…purple chicken.  I decided to go through with it.  I seasoned it lightly and served it over seasoned pasta just like I had envisioned.  I couldn’t eat it. It was like taking a jell0 shot…”chicken shot” with my pasta.  My husband actually ate it and even complimented me on my vigor for trying new things, but did kindly say that he would prefer not to eat it again mostly because it was purple and that’s weird.

Whenever I cook I always serve it onto the plate in an arranged fashion or use serving platters.  The added touch may be ridiculed as excessive or unnecessary, but cooking is an art.  Right, mom?! I love making dinner an experience.  And honestly…it only adds a couple more items to wash while making a huge impact on the experience.  Enjoy and revel in the spread you have prepared 🙂



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2 responses to “Outward Appearances: a note on presentation

  1. jenny

    i totally agree with the serving thing, i always use serving platters too 🙂

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