The Adventures of L and Fe and the Missing Cheesecloth

Last night was our weekly “Date Night”, AKA Chef’s night off 🙂  We love trying new places every week!  We always have a great time over dinner and talk for hours.  We ended up staying at the restaurant until 8:53pm when we realized the Bed Bath & Beyond closes at 9:00! Oh my stars and stripes…I NEED MY CHEESECLOTH!!! So we rushed over and made it just at 9:00.  The doors were still open, but the cashier looked so exhausted I felt terrible asking if we could get my LIST of items I needed.  So, we agreed we would rather spend a little extra and just try our local grocery store for the list of items than bother those tired BBB employees.

We risked it…and CAME OUT LIKE BANDITS! Woohoo! They even had several of my oils on sale that I have been needing to stock up on!  My husband laughs at how happy cooking supplies make me.  I went home, walking from the car with a stupid grin and an arm full of oils, a new sieve, cheesecloth and….OMGOSH I FORGOT TO BUY YOGURT!  My stomach sank as I realized I forgot the key ingredient I needed to make my yogurt cheese.

Instead of making the trek back, I decided it would not be the end of the world if I postponed the Oven-roasted Bison Tenderloin recipe for Saturday.

Tonight…(God-willing) I will pick up some yogurt and make that yogurt cheese while making a steaming pot of split pea soup.


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  1. P.S. I just found this great link for tips on Date Night!

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